Stitch Fix Review- October first fix!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #1- October 2014

I am so excited!  I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix for a while now, and I finally have. I just got my first fix a couple days ago.

  For those of you who know how it works, just skip down to the good stuff.  If you don't know how Stitch Fix works yet, it's basically a monthly styling subscription service.  Surprise clothes in the mail, styled for you!   

Here's how it works:

-You go online and fill out a detailed "style profile" which asks you a ton of questions about your style likes/dislikes, sizes, price points, etc so that they can get to know you better.  Fill out your style profile with Stitch Fix here.

-You pay a $20 styling fee which pretty much pays for the stylist to pick out the clothes for you and covers shipping both ways.  But if you buy any item of clothing from your shipment, the $20 goes towards the clothes you want! 

-You have 3 days to try on the clothes at home where you can try it on with other clothes/shoes etc that you already own.

-You choose what you like and put anything you want to return in the prepaid envelope Stitch Fix includes in your box.  Put it in any mailbox and you're good to go!

-Check out online. They ask for any comments about the clothes.  Here is where its best to get as detailed as possible so that future fixes will be even better!  Write things like "the shirt was too tight in the shoulders", "the pants are two inches too long", "I hate stripes" get the idea, anything to help them get to know your style better.  Oh, and if you love your fix and buy all 5 items, you get 25% off of the total!

And one of the best part is they give you cards that go with each piece of clothing to give you suggestions on how to style it, which for desperately needed.  I basically live in jeans and tees and have no idea how to style anything.

I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.  I love them...until i know about them.  Once I got the email that said my fix had shipped, i found a way to cheat and see what they sent you.  Its just in words, not in take a little bit of hunting around online.  I was able to find some of the items in other people's blogs and pinterest.  (So a big thank you to anyone who blogs about their fixes, I love seeing what everyone got and that's why I decided to start my blog too!).  Speaking of Pintrest, make a style pintrest board!  The Stitch Fix stylists look at this and it really helps them get to know your style!  These ship from California, so me being over here in SC had a lot of time (5-6 days) to try to spoil my surprises by looking online.  Hey, you're either surprised when it gets to your door or surprised when you find it online...either way its a surprise...right??

Ok ok, on to what I got!  After I stalked my window for the FedEx guy all day, it finally arrived!

First peak inside:

This is the note my stylist sent me:

I had requested a lightweight blazer to wear over my tank tops to take me into fall and some shirts that gave a pop of color.....because I mostly by the same boring stuff.  This is why I need help!  Anyways, as you can see by the note, they listened!

And there was definitely some color:

Ok, first up:  And let me first say I apologize for the pictures.  Most of them are me trying to take selfies in the mirror for you to get a good look at the clothes.  I may or may not have been standing on my 4 years old's stool so that I could get a better picture for you.  The other bloggers make this look a lot easier, lol.  Anyways first item:

41Hawthorn Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top- $48:

Sorry, I don't have much practice at taking selfies, lol.  Anyway, I really like the color of this shirt.  And it was super soft. But I also felt like it clung to me too much and I couldn't get the neck to feel like it was laying right. Looking at it in the picture, I kinda think it looks better here than in person, but between the clinging, and the neck and the fact that it's pretty basic, I thought $48 was a bit much.

Status:  Sent back


Market and Spruce Breyson Split-Neck Tab Sleeve Top: $48

This was the casual look.  First....I love it.  I love the coral color, I love the detail.  It fits great, its also super soft, and I feel like it makes me look more my age.  They mentioned to pair it with a striped skirt to dress it up some:

I never would have thought to do this, but I think I really like it.  What do you think?  Normally I would think $48 is a lot for a shirt, but I have to keep telling myself that these are boutique pieces, I didn't have to go shop for it, a stylist picked it out for me, and I get to apply my $20 styling fee to it, so really $28 bucks ain't bad!

Status:  Kept!


Pixley Stephen Colorblock & Striped Raglan Top: $58

Sorry for the really bad pics here.  I would have never picked this shirt off the rack to try on.  But that is what I love about Stitch Fix, they send you  things that sometimes you would never touch.  But I really kinda like this.  I don't really have any complaints.  It fit well, the material was a bit thin....but the price.  I can't justify spending $58 dollars on it right now, when I know I'm getting the other shirt.

Status:  Regrettably sending back


Mystree Rosee French Terry Notch Collar Blazer: $88

Hmmm, this blazer.  This is one of the items that I could not for the life of me find online so it was killing me to see what it looked like.  I was really looking forward to a blazer....unfortunatly, not this one.  It did not look good on me.  I think the fit was ok?  I'm not even quite sure on that.  First thing I noticed was that it has a tattered look...which I know is a "look"....its just not my look.

I was trying to get a good picture of the tattery look, but I don't think it really came across.  Anyway, I really do like the ruffle detail on the back, which normally I don't wear anything "girly" like that, but I do love it.  I like that the length of where the blazer sits on me, but I just really don't like this one.  And for $88?  No and no.  See, with Stitch Fix in the style profile you can pick your price point sort of.   Going from a cheapest option to saying you will spend more and more.  I chose the cheapest option because I know their prices were more expensive than I am used to paying.  I don't know if my stylist actually looked at what I chose.  Between this and the jeans you'll see next, I think it's a bit much to have put those items in my box.  I know there are muuucch less expensive options from looking at everyone else's blogs.  Anyways, onto those jeans....

Status:  Sent Back

Henry & Belle Janet Wide Leg Jean: $148

First of all...sticker shock.  $148?  When I asked for the cheapest they can find??  This makes me think they didn't even look at that.  So I will add that note when I check out to see if my next sylist can get the price point a bit lower.  For pictures, just look at any of the ones above.  I am wearing the jeans in all of them (except of course the one where I have on white  jeans).  First, the good.  They feel like they are made really well, they are a bit stretchy which is good because they were a little small for me otherwise.  I think it's amazing that the company can send me jeans that actually fit and flatter me when I have trouble doing that myself!  But, they were a tiny bit snug, and about two inches too long. What confused me the most was that they are called wide leg jeans.  I did pin some wide leg jeans to my pintrest board and said I have been looking for a pair.  But these...if you ask me are pretty much skinny jeans with some flare at the bottom.  Not anywhere close to my description of wide leg.  What was weird was that the tag said wide leg, but everywhere on the pants themselves said "micro flare"...which I though was a better discription of the item.

  I actually wrote to Stitch Fix and asked if perhaps it was a mistake and the tag was put on the wrong pair of jeans.  They wrote back (very quickly!) and said that they kind of make up the name for how they feel like the item fits and that I was probably sent the correct jeans.  Hmmm.  Ok, anyways, I took this as a nice learning curve to give better feedback for pants (such as these were a couple inches long).

Status:  Sent Back

Well there you have it, my first fix!  Overall, I love it.  I love the surprise element, I love having a stylist pick out things for me, I love not having to shop for clothes, how easy they make it, trying things that are different, being able to request pieces that I'm looking for...I love it all!  If you haven't tried it yet, Try out Stitch Fix yourself! I do get a $25 referral credit if you use that link to sign up, and you are able to get referral credits once you sign up too!  Thank you for helping me overcome my fashion rut!  Now I can finally stop shopping in the juniors department, lol.

Can't wait for my 2nd fix!

Disclaimer:  I am not paid by Stitch Fix for my reviews.  I use my own money to purchase my subscription, but I do get a $25 credit if you use my referral link.  Try Stitch Fix  today!

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