Stitch Fix Review April 2015

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Stitch Fix Review April 2015

It's that time again!  Stitch Fix time!  Another great fix by my stylist Kristy.  I had asked for some colors or patterns this month and look at what I got!

Beautiful!  I was so excited when I opened it and saw all the pattern!  I was also slightly disappointed because I knew I wanted to limit myself to 1 or 2 pieces this month because I had just gone on a little shopping spree about a week ago (more on that later!).  These pieces all looked great.

Sorry, I didn't take individual pictures of the style cards this time.

Daniel Rainn Vivienne Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse $68

When I peeked at what I was getting and saw that one would be a $68 dollar tank top, I thought "No Way".  Then I read that it was a floral print, and I thought "Double No Way".  When my box actually came in the mail and I started seeing the items, that was the piece that actually caught my eye first.  It was also the shirt that I tried on first.

Not bad, I thought.  Very springy.  Definitely something that I don't have and I could see it going with a lot of clothes I had in my closet.  It also comes with a built in tank top.   My first thought was to pair it with white skinnies, but it could really go with anything.  Then I had another idea:

I love love love it with my TCEC cardigan from one of my other fixes.  What do you think?

Here is one last look with a khaki skirt:

Sorry for the bad lighting, I'm doing this late at night

Remember the shopping spree I was talking about earlier?  I got this skirt from ThredUp for $5.99.  No, that's not a typo.  I got it for $5.99.  You can read all about my shopping spree here and see what else I got and how you can get $10 $20 in free shopping money too.  Anyways, I thought this tank top looked great with that too, which is what they show on the style card.  I started thinking $68 might not be too bad if it goes with everything.  And if that is the only thing I get, the $20 styling fee really only makes this shirt $48.....hmmmmm.

Status:  Kept

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Pixley Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top $58

I actually requested this top, and I love it. I'm a sucker for polka dots and a cross back detail.  This shirt had them both.  I really wanted this shirt, but I liked the flower tank just a little better.  I really thought of keeping them both, but then I would be paying over $100 for two shirts and I couldn't justify that this month....especially after you see what I got earlier in the week.  This shirt is super soft and pretty flattering.  It still looks nice while hiding any areas that you may be uncomfortable with.  My stylist suggested pairing this shirt with red flats and I absolutely love that idea!  I could have made a great 4th of July outfit with it.

Status:  Regrettably sent back

Market & Spruce Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt $58

This shirt is so soft and comfortable.  I'm glad it was a casual everyday shirt, while still looking put together.  I really could see myself grabbing this shirt and wearing it everyday.  I thought that maybe it would seem too "delicate" with all of the lace and that I'd be worried about snagging it, but it really wasn't like that at all.  You can tell that it is very well made and the shirt felt thicker than I had imagined.  This again is something that I so wanted to keep.  I thought really hard about keeping these 3 shirts, but then I always went back to spending over $150 for just 3 shirts?  I couldn't do it after my last shopping trip.  Darn you ThredUp for being so inexpensive!  Now, if I was keeping the whole box, it would have made sense to keep all of these and get the 25% discount....but I knew I wasn't keeping the next two pieces so....into the return bag this beautiful, comfy, lace shirt went :(

Status:  Returned

41 Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse $68

I really liked this shirt.  It fit well, I liked the print.  It wasn't too tight in the shoulders like a lot of similar shirts have been for me.  But I got to thinking that I really won't get much use out of it for a long time.  It's already getting pretty warm here in Hilton Head, and I also  couldn't really wear this shirt to work (as a massage therapist), so I decided to send this shirt back as well.  If this blouse was sent to me in fall or early winter, I probably would have kept it.

Status:  Returned

Gilli Jodie Geo Print Skirt $58

See... this is where I need styling help.  I am so out of my element.  This skirt was a lot "silkier" feeling than I had pictured.  What do I do with this skirt?  Do I wear it on my hips like I usually wear things?  

I feel like this does nothing for me and hits me at a weird spot.  Length just isn't right.  Or am I supposed to wear it at my natural waist??

I feel like this looks better, but still not me.  It is really comfortable and silky and well made.  I feel like I could wear it all day long.....if it looked good on me.  But I just don't think it does.  One lady from a Facebook group I belong to suggested I wear the shirt tucked into the skirt.  Whhhaaaat?  I would have never thought of that....

Wow, that actually does look a lot better.  See what I mean?  I need the help people.  This stuff just doesn't come naturally to me.  It is a beautiful skirt and for someone who maybe works in an office type setting, I could see it being really great.  But I had already made up my mind to only keep the one shirt this month, so...

Status:  Returned

Even thought I only kept the one item, I still consider this fix a major win!  First, I had nothing in my closet like that floral tank and I feel like it just fits right in and will give a boost to a lot of different outfits now.  Second, my stylist really did a great job again.  She found me patterns and colors like I asked for, sent a shirt I had requested, and all of the items were my style even if I didn't purchase them all.  I think next time I'm just going to leave everything up to my stylist and only ask for things that go together, because I am just clueless at putting outfits together.  

If you want to see what your own personal stylist would pick out for you, join the fun and sign up for your own Stitch Fix!

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