A Year Of Stitch Fix

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Year Of Stitch Fix

Wow, 12 boxes of Stitch Fix.  It's been about an entire year that Stitch Fix has been in my life, and I still get as excited to see that box arrive at my door as I did the very first month.  A year ago, I lived in plain solid color tank tops and jeans pretty much every day of my life.  My clothes weren't fitting perfectly and they just weren't very flattering on me.  Couple that with the fact that I just had no clue how to pick clothes out for myself.  I'm a grown adult who was still shopping in the juniors department.  I had tried to break out of that habit, but everything in the "adult" section either didn't fit me or looked like it was for someone older than myself.  

Fast forward to now, I haven't stepped foot inside of a mall in a year.  Okay, maybe a couple department stores that are all by themselves, but a mall?  Nope.  I have clothes that fit me much better, flatter my figure, and I'm pretty sure they weren't from a juniors department.  Also, my clothes have interesting detail, and dare I say...pattern?!  A year ago me would think I was crazy.  

I thought it might be fun to look back at the items I've received and highlight which ones have stood the test of time and are in my weekly rotation and which items I really thought I would love and turns out, just weren't that great....and if I have any regrets that still haunt me of clothes that I sent back!

Let's start with some of my favorite items that I still wear regularly:

This one is the Renee C Malcolm Dolman Slub Sleeve shirt.  I knew I was going to love this shirt when it first back in my box back in February.  I still do.  It's easy to throw on without thinking about it and it's not tight around the stomach, so if I want to pig out on pasta and ice cream, I can still look good.  Let's face it, that's always a plus. 
 I just found this shirt (below) on Amazon for $18.85 which seems similar and is on the best seller list.  I think I may have to go order some now!  If you haven't received a good dolman in your fix yet, check these out, there are a bunch of colors!


The TCEC Donelle V- Neck Button Up Cardigan.  Granted, this one I haven't worn in the past few months because it's been 100 degrees here, but it's one of the items I look forward to snuggling into as soon as the weather gets to...I don't know....70??  Can't wait!  It's a nice pop of color that I normally would never have picked out for myself pre- Stitch Fix.  (same with that Daniel Rainn flower tank from a previous fix!)

I couldn't possibly have this section without including these Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans.
I seriously wear these 4 days out of the week....every week.  And they still hold up.  I need to ask my stylist for another pair before I eventually just wear holes in these though.  They are so comfortable and flattering- easily the best jeans I have ever had in the history of ever.

The Loveappella Roose Lace Detail KnitTank is an item that I received recently, but still wear the heck out of.  It's so perfect- casual, but has a little something to make it seem rather dressy too.  I wear it all the time now in the summer and can see myself wearing it in the fall and winter too underneath cardigans.  The tank under the lace is a very soft, but really well made material and the lace itself doesn't pull or catch on things.  Love.  

There are many many more items that I love from Stitch Fix, but these are the items that I received that I reach for and consistently wear week to week.  Looking at them grouped here, they seem very basic but well made pieces.  Who doesn't need a fantastic pair of jeans or a great shirt to wear on days that you feel like eating all the comfort food you can get your hands on?  (It's not just me right?  I mean hand me some pasta with lots and lots of cheese, mac and cheese,,,noticing a trend?...ice cream and some trashy reality tv and I'm gonna throw myself a party.)

Ok, let's move on to the items that I bought, but maybe should have just put back in the handy dandy pre paid envelope.

Oh, these pants.  The Margaret M Duboce Straight Leg Jeans. How I loved thee.  So much in fact, that I decided to keep them even though they were digging into my  waist and took 10 minutes to put on.  Oh yeah, I kept those bad boys...and wore them all of....never.  This was before I knew I could ask and see if Stitch Fix had a different size (did you know you could do this?).  I figured I would lose a enough weight and that they would fit great.  Well...that didn't happen.  Lesson learned.

The Street Level Juno Clutch.  Even though it was a lot smaller than I normally carry, I really really wanted this purse.  It was a bright fun color that I thought would bring some interest into a lot of my outfits.  And it does...except the button the close the purse popped off of it after my second wear.  So now it doesn't close and looks weird when I carry it, so unfortunately I just don't use it much.

Over the year, there may have been an item or two that I keep thinking about and wishing that I would have kept.  This is one of them:

The Pixley Stephen Colorblock and Striped Raglan Top.  I almost bought this top, but I went for a different one in that fix instead.  I do wish I owned this.  I like the yellow color and I really like the striped sleeves.  It's something different that I never would have picked up myself, but I loved it and still do.  

Ok, yes, I know.  This is the same picture as above that I said I should have sent it back and never bought it in the first place.  But it was only because these jeans were too small for me.  I wish I knew to ask for a bigger size, but really....I love them!  Green is my favorite color and these are beautiful.  So, I totally regret not having them and really do miss them.  I just knew that I love my carbs and sugar too much to lose weight for them.  

I can't believe it's been 12 boxes of Stitch Fix already!  My closet definitely looks better, but I don't see myself stopping any time soon!

Are you ready to give Stitch Fix a try and see what your stylist may pick out for you?  Fill out your style profile today to get started with Stitch Fix!

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  1. On that purse--email stitchfix!!! I had a bag that a rivet broke after a month or something, and they paid to have it fixed. they would have exchanged for a new one if they'd had any in stock.

    1. Thanks for the tip Deborah! I would, but it's been a few months since it's happened now....they do have great customer service there though!

  2. I keep seeing everyone's Stitch Fix posts and I've really been thinking about signing up... the idea of not having to drag my four kids into stores and dressing rooms with me is definitely appealing. Maybe when I lose the weight form this baby I will finally signup! :)

    1. Hi Justine! Yes! That was a definite plus for me! I don't even go into the mall anymore. It's so much easier to do this instead of shopping with the kids. And you get to try everything on at home with your own clothes to see how you can make outfits and if it really fits with the pieces in your closet. I love it. You should give it a try!



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