Carnival Sensation Review- Day 3

Friday, August 14, 2015

Carnival Sensation Review Day 3- Nassau

If you're just finding my review, head on over to the beginning on Day 1.

I woke up just before 8 this morning and could see that we were already docked in Nassau!  We always slept with the curtain to the window open to let the sunlight through and to see right away where we were in the mornings!  This morning, this is what we saw:

I loved seeing the lighthouse, but the sky wasn't looking all that friendly, so we decided to get dressed and go eat breakfast hoping it would be a bit nicer when we were through.

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We decided to check out the MDR for breakfast this morning.  We've always eaten dinner in the main dining room, but never breakfast.  We went down there and they asked if it was okay to seat us with others.  We said yes, which is also a first for us.  We usually just get a table for two.  There was another couple there when we sat down and we started making conversation with them.  Then another girl came whose friend was still sleeping, and another young couple came after her.  Everyone was very nice, but it was a little awkward.  I don't think there would have been much interacting between each other if I didn't strike up some conversations to include everyone.  It was a nice experience to meet some of the other cruisers that way and I'm glad I did it, but we did stick with a table for 2 the rest of the trip.  

Breakfast was really good!  Much better than the Lido buffet.  If you've never done it, check out the main dining room for breakfast.  I had a danish and some french toast with coffee.  Chris had a bagel with salmon and cream cheese, eggs, grits, the works.  

After breakfast we got off the ship in search of the number 10 bus to take us to the Melia.  The bus ride is $1.25 per person each way, and you need to have exact change.  I love riding the bus instead of taking the taxis here because you meet some locals that way.  They have a very interesting way of driving in Nassau.  They will ride right up on people's bumpers, people trying to cut in front of them -within inches of hitting them- and no one blinks an eye at it.  The bus drivers honk their horns at people in the middle of the street to see if they want a ride.  We weren't at a bus stop- just right in the middle of traffic and people would run across and get on the bus.  The driver stopped in the middle of the road to buy a soda off someone selling it on the street.  I just love taking it all in.  It's so different then you would see in the states.  Anyway, it was maybe a 10 min drive to the Melia hotel for a day pass that we  were going to do today.  By now, the sky was looking blue and pretty!

At the Melia it's $35 per person to use their pool, bathrooms, lounge chairs, towels, snorkel gear, and beach for the day.  We were here back when it was still the Sheraton and we loved what they've done to the place.  Here's a few pictures of the pools:


Just a few steps to the beach

We didn't waste any time getting into one of the pools.  We swam around for a bit until:

It started  raining pretty heavy and everyone ran for cover.  We just waited it out for a couple of minutes under a shelter outside of the hotel.  It was over fairly quickly and we made our way to the beach.  The water was so clear here!

You could see all the way to the bottom very easily.  We saw a few interesting fish swimming about.  And we found what we think is sea glass:

However, it could very well be just regular glass.  lol.  It wasn't sharp though, the edges were smooth.  
Anyway, I think Nassau's beach is my favorite for swimming.  The water was so calm and clear.  Normally when I swim in the ocean, I don't like to go out too far because I freak out over every little think that rubs up against me.  But here, I had no problem going out where I couldn't even touch the bottom.  

They also had these fun water bikes out there.  I don't know if the day pass people could use them or if it was just for the hotel guests, but they looked like a lot of fun,

After a while the sky started getting darker again, but Chris wanted to try out the snorkel equipment.  They give you a mask with snorkel, fins, and a life jacket included with the day pass.  You can use them for 1 hour.  We asked the guy handing them out if he though we'd have time to use them because the weather looked bad again, but he said we had plenty of time and that the storm was blowing a different direction and would miss us.  We didn't really believe him, because guys....that sky was black.  But Chris wanted to try it, so we did.  The guy giving us the life jackets said that it was mandatory that we wear them....but if we "didn't want to" he couldn't make us.  hint hint.  Which pretty much meant he had to give them to us but no one wears it, I guess, because we didn't see many people with theirs on.  

To be funny, Chris put all his gear on, life vest too... Have you ever seen that movie Big Daddy?  We joked that he looked just like Scuba Steve.  

Ha!  I'm sure he'll probably kill me for putting that picture on here.  Shhhhh.  But just look at that sky behind him!  We went in the water for all of 2 minutes before the thunder and lightening started.  They blew whistles like crazy to get everyone out of the water.  Have you ever been to Nassau during a thunderstorm?  Those were some of the LOUDEST thunder booms I have ever heard!  You've never seen so many grown people jump from thunder before.  It was a crazy experience.  I love thunder storms so I was enjoying it....once I was out of the water anyway!  

We decided to call it a day at the resort and changed our clothes.  I had heard of this place called the Daquieri Shack right across the street from the Melia that I wanted to check out.  They make them in front of you with fresh fruit.  It was a quick walk and we found this place:

The drinks were amazing!  You can pick any 3 fruit for them to blend together for your daiquiri.  I picked strawberry, pineapple, and coconut.  It was really good.  Chris got strawberry, banana, mango.  His was even better!  I don't even like bananas, but let me tell you....the bananas in the Bahamas are very different, because this was delicious and the flavor that came out the most was the  banana.  The other great thing about this place?  These drinks are $6.....with alcohol!!  What a deal!

After that, we took the number 10 bus back to the ship.  We passed a cute little coffee place that we went to last time we were here:

Once back on the ship we got some food and I found my love of the arugula, pepper, mozzarella sandwich.  It's normally served cold, but I asked for it panini style and they grilled it.

Doesn't that look so good?  I want another one right now just looking at it.  After that, we hung out on the Lido deck for a little while and then went and got dressed for dinner.  We weren't quite hungry yet, so we went down to the lobby and watched Bobby.  Bobby is one of their musical performers who sings live music in the lobby...or sometimes not.  Listed in the Fun Times is "Bobby in the Lobby, Bobby sometimes in the Lobby, and Bobby not in the Lobby" depending on his location that day.  He was really really good.  A large crowd would always gather around him.  Sometimes he would take requests, and sometimes he would sing his own choices.  He ever learned some songs on the spot for people's requests.

If you go on the Sensation- check him out.  We eventually made it to dinner.  

Chris started with the shrimp cocktail and Caesar salad.  I had the chicken fettuccine in a mushroom cream sauce.  It was an entree, but you could get it as a starter as well.

We both enjoyed our appetizers.  The alfredo we actually really good.  It had a lot of flavor that you wouldn't expect from a cruise ship.  Chris had the oven roasted Tom Turkey for his entree and I had the salmon from the every day menu.  

We both thought it was one of the better entrees we'd had on the ship.  For dessert, we tried to break out of the mold and try something different.  We ordered the cappuccino ice cake and the tiramisu.  After tasting it, we weren't excited about either and figured we should stick with the melting cake next time.

After dinner, we watched we watched Superstar live karaoke and the love and marriage show.  There were some really talented people doing the karaoke.  This one girl must have been just a teenager but she brought the house down!  She sang Bring Me To Life by Evanescense.  It was the best performance of the night.  She got a standing ovation.  The love and marriage show was funny as usual.  The "newlywed" couple up there was actually the last couple that joined us for breakfast this morning!  Turns out they weren't even 21 yet, they were on their honeymoon and just got married 3 days prior.  They had to give them some other gift besides the bottle of champagne they normally give out.  We did bump into them playing at the casino later that night though.....

Afterwards, we went to the casino for a bit and then went for a walk outside and chilled on the Serenity deck for awhile enjoying the moon and stars.  We grabbed some late night pizza and called it a night.

On our bed was this odd looking animal:

Anyone want to guess what it is?  Because we had no idea!  We ended up asking someone the next day.  Never would have got that.  I'll tell you the answer tomorrow!  That's it for Nassau- stick around for Day 4- Sea Day.

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  1. We are going to Nassau on our next cruise. We've been once before but just walked around the downtown area. Melia looks really nice! And that arugula and mozzarella sandwich looks amazing.

    1. Hi Becky! That's exciting! When are you going? Yeah, if you're looking for a nice relaxing beach/pool day, Melia is a great option.

  2. This looks so fun and makes me want to go on a cruise now!

    1. lol, every time I get off the ship I'm ready to get back on again for another cruise. So I'm just a big enabler,,,go book one! haha.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your trip!

    1. Yes, we had a lot of fun! Thanks for reading!



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