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Friday, September 18, 2015

When I signed up for Stitch Fix a year ago,  I couldn't wait to get my first box in the mail!  I scoured their website and read pretty much every word. I also came across blogs online from other Stitch Fix users and started reading them for longer than I'd care to admit.  I loved seeing all the different clothes they would get and imagining what might be in mine.  Through all of my "research", I've come across a few things that I think really helped me to receive fixes that met my personal style.

Ok, first things first.  Let's get this one out of the way...

 You really do need a great stylist.

It's true, some stylists you just won't mesh with.  Maybe you didn't like they way they (didn't) personalize your note, or maybe you felt they didn't listen to your style needs, and just plain didn't get you.  It happens.  I felt that way too.  Did you know that you can request a different stylist if the one you got doesn't mesh well with you?  Just ask for a new stylist in your feedback or when it comes time to write a new note for your next fix.  Also, did you have one stylist that gave you a great first fix, but then it changed and your next stylist didn't hit the mark?  You can request to keep a specific stylist.  Just write that you'd like to request (so and so) again.  They write their names on the bottom of your note.  It took me 5 months until I really felt that a stylist totally "got me".  Once I found her, I kept requesting that she does every fix for me....and I've gotten her every time.

Make a Stitch Fix Style Pinterest Board

Do this specifically for your Stitch Fix stylist.  You can put the link to your style board in your Stitch Fix profile, that way your stylist can see it.  Then, just start pinning clothing items of similar things that you'd like to see in your fix.  It gives your stylist a lot more to go off of to know what you really like.  It's got to be difficult for them not knowing a whole lot about us.  This helps a lot, and they really do look at it!  Here is a link to my Stitch Fix Style board so you can get an idea of what it can look like.  Did you know that Stitch Fix in on Pinterest too??  You can pin actual Stitch Fix items that you'd like so your stylist has an even better idea of the types of things to send.  Now,keep in mind, this isn't a shopping list that your stylist must abide by.  It's to give them an idea of the items that you like.

Stitch Fix Pinterest Board With Pictures Of You Wearing The Clothes!

While we're on the topic of Pinterest, have you ever thought it would be wonderful if your stylist could actually see what the clothes they sent, looked like on you?  Well, they can!  Just make a separate Pinterest board that features you wearing the clothes.  You can make this board private if you want, so that no one else can see your pictures and then invite your stylist to it, or send her the link in your SF profile.  This helps out tremendously so they can actually see your body type and not just a bunch of numbers and sizes that we filled out.  Here is a link to my board that I made wearing the clothes.

Be Honest When Giving Feedback

When it comes time to check out, be incredibly honest when giving feedback.  Say exactly why you didn't like something.  Saying something  like "I wouldn't be caught dead in that shirt" isn't quite as helpful as " The shirt fit great, however I really don't care for neon colors and tassels".  (Note: I've never received such a shirt from SF, but you get the idea.)  It's helpful to say, the shirt was too tight in my shoulders, or the pants were about 2 inches too short, etc.  I liked the top, but I wish it had some pattern, etc.  Be specific.  Oh, and be honest with yourself too!  If your style profile says you "love glam looks" but really, you work in a casual office or from your home and will never wear such pieces....update it to reflect what you will actually wear day to day.  Same with your Pinterest board.  Take it from me. Early on, I had pinned all of these things that I thought were super cute, but looking back at them- even though I thought the clothes were cute, I knew the cuts were all wrong for me and I would never wear anything like it.  Lesson learned.

Ask For A Different Size

Did you know that if you get something in your fix that you absolutely love, but it doesn't quite fit because the brand or item ran big or small, that you can ask Stitch Fix if that have it in a different size?  I know this now!  Stitch Fix customer service is some of the best on the planet.  Now, they do not do color exchanges or complete and total different item exchanges, however if you ask them if they could send it to you in a different size, they will check to see if they have it in stock, and if they do?  Boom, it's yours.  Free shipping and all.  Just send back the one you don't want and you get your new one super quick.  I wish I had known this back when I got the infamous green pants.  Another tip:  Don't buy an item that you love, thinking that you'll fit into it "one day".  Dress the body you have,  not the one you want.  That is all.  Another lesson learned by me.

Need Something?  Request it.

Do you have a wedding or party coming up that you need something specific for?  Ask for it.  Tell your stylist what type of event you have coming up and what you have in mind for it and see what they can send.  You know you can request an "all dress" fix or something along those lines if you have an event and are really trying to get options to wear for something in particular?  Just give yourself some time after your fix is supposed to arrive in case you don't like any of the options they send.  This way, you may not have to make a trip to the mall at all.  But always leave extra time in case.  Also, if you saw something on the Stitch Fix pinterest board or website that you really really love?  Find out the name of it and put it in your note to your stylist.  Let them know that you would love to receive that particular piece.  If they have it in your size, they very well may send it to you.

Have An Open Mind

You know how I just said that if you see something you really really want from SF, to find out the name and request it?  Also, don't do that for all five items.  SF isn't an online catalog that we order out of.  It is meant for a stylist to choose things that they think will look good on us and maybe push us out of our comfort zones.  It's a surprise!  That's what we signed up for.  Some of the best fixes can be if your note to your stylist just says "Surprise Me".

One Last Tip

Did you know that you can see what you will be getting once you get your shipment confirmation email??  Ok, I know I just said that SF is a surprise, so if you're one of those people who don't believe in "early surprises", then don't read this last tip!  For the rest of you.....once you get that exciting little email that says your fix has shipped....head on over to the Stitch Fix website.  Right under your tracking number, it will say "Check Out".  Click that.  Don't worry, it won't be messing anything up (just don't literally check out and fill out the forms....)  You will see a list of the items that your stylist sent.  Now, there won't be pictures, and you can't tell what colors it will be, so that will still be a surprise.  But it will tell you the names of the items and the cost of each one.  Then, you can break out your Google skills and search for your items to see if you can figure out what they are!  I always search for "Stitch Fix....and then the brand name and item just as it says it in my check out list.  And click the links that come up.  Now that I've added to the obsession, I'm done, haha.

Hope you can start using some of these tips, if you haven't been already!  Happy Stitch Fixing!


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