Geocaching- Treasure Hunting all over the World!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

So I am always looking for fun and free things to do in my daily life and when I'm exploring other towns.  Somehow I stumbled across the holy grail of awesome.  Seriously....not only is it fun and free and I can do it pretty much anywhere--it also gets me and my family outside (which I love, set away from the electronics and couch! lol) and seeing interesting parts of town that you may have missed before!

Did I mention you also get to solve mysteries and hunt for treasure?!?  How has this been going on a for over a decade and I had no idea???  I'll tell you why, because apparently, it's also a secret society!  Sound intriguing??  Want to know what it is???

Geocaching!  Okay, how many of you have been doing this and not telling me???  lol.  And how many of you just went "What?" and have no idea what I'm talking about.  (see above).

Geocaching has apparently been around since at least 2004 (anyone know how long really?) and  it is now played in almost every country.  It's pretty much a game that you play with a GPS (phone gps works fine as well), and someone in the community hides this "treasure" and leaves you clues to find it.  But you need to be sneaky, you're not supposed to let other people who don't know about the game see you finding it.  They might get curious and come by after you leave and pick it up, take it with them, move it, or throw it away or something which would then ruin the game for everyone else.  If you've never heard of it go to and you can search for your location and I bet there's tons of them around you wherever you are right now.

My husband and I on our first geocaching adventure!

They are rated on how easy they are to find and it tells you what size object you're looking for.  Now, this is really just the "thrill of the hunt"'re not gonna find one of these things and have it filled with gold and jewels, lol.  More like old coins, a key chain, and some cheap kids toys.  The point is- you found it!  There is a "logbook" in every cache where you put the date you found it, and sign your name and where you're from to join the ranks of the other people who have found it!

It's really cool because you get to see what city (or state or country) everyone else is from that has also found it.  If you take a treasure from the container, you must put something else in place of it that is equal or grater value.  Once you're done, you put it back exactly how you found it so the  next person can have fun!

I can't wait to do it in different places that we travel to.  It's just a great way to see a new city as these "caches" usually take you to scenic areas.  It gets us outdoors, having fun for free.  Its something you can do by yourself, with your significant other, or even with your kids.  What kids don't like hunting for treasure???  I think it would be so  amazing to go geocaching in another country where the little trinkets are probably from there, and we can leave little treasures from the US, talk about a cool souvenir!

Here's some of the scenic spots we passed here in Hilton Head!


ok, so this picture isn't from the same day we found the cache, but it was the same spot we walked by.  Just goes to show you never know when you're walking by a cache in your regular day life!

Ok, I want to hear from you!  What is the craziest thing you had to do to find a geocache??  I heard a story of one person who had to rappel down into a cave to get one!  What is the coolest thing you've found in a cache??  Ok, I just started this and the coolest thing we found inside was a toy car for my son (who is obsessed with cars, lol).  He thought it was pretty cool.  What is the funnest mystery you've had to solve to find one?  We just did one where you had to find this treasure box that was filled with plastic Easter eggs.  You had to open each one to find the correct coordinates for the real cache!  The other ones were fake and said things like "NOT 843, or NOPE 234", etc.

sneaky clue on the back of a sign post to lead us to a cache!

Again, if this sounds like fun for you, you can find the rules and how to start at

How many of these have you walked by everyday and had no idea they were there?

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