I Tried Thinx Period Underwear....This Is What Happened

Saturday, April 30, 2016

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*Alright ladies, we're about to break it down and talk about our periods!  Guys, this is your chance to skip to a different article...you've been warned :)  *

Yes, you read that right.  Did you even know there was a such a thing as "period underwear"?  I didn't up until a couple months ago. And honestly, to me, it kind of sounded like something you might want to throw in the trash instead of something you pay for...but what did I know?

Periods?  What does this have to do with a "travel blog".  Well, let me ask you this?  Did you ever go on vacation and get stuck having your period that week?  Or even try to plan your vacation around when your period is supposed to come so you don't have to worry about it during your travels?  I know for me, having my period means I have to stop what I'm doing and find a bathroom every two hours or so.  Having to always check and wonder if something is on my pants.  Having to make sure I'm carrying enough tampons.  Or if I'm somewhere overseas, know where to find products I'm comfortable with and where the bathrooms are located when I want to be out exploring.

Well ladies....our lives just got easier.

THINX is a company run by women in New York City and create jobs for the local women of Uganda.  Every time someone buys a pair of THINX underwear- funds go to a partner organization in Uganda to help provide feminine products to women in the area.  Why Uganda?  Because over 90% of the girls who live there don't go to school during their periods and it forces many drop out all together.

So what is this period underwear anyways??  Well, it works like a really absorbent pad....but without actually wearing one.  The underwear itself has a built in permanent "lining" that protects you during the day.  They come in different absorbencies...kind of like tampons themselves.  There are ones you can wear for light, medium, or heavy days.

And you know what?  They're actually pretty cute.....and comfortable!  When I bought them, I was worried they would feel like a diaper.  But they don't, once on, they feel just like my regular underwear!

Since my period is really heavy, I went ahead and bought their most absorbent kind.  They are black hiphuggers with lace trim.  Bye bye to the days that you need to wear your "ugly" underwear during that time of the month....or ruining your cute underwear.  Now we can feel attractive AND comfortable while on our period.

So wait.....you don't wear a pad or tampon anymore...just these underwear??  Technically the website says that they are made as a back up, kind of like a pantyliner (even thought they can absorb up to two tampons worth!).  But they say that everyone is different and that some women just wear the underwear without any other product.

 This is what I did:  I wore just the underwear around the time I was expecting my period to show up. (Normally, I wear a light tampon just so I'm not caught off guard...so this in and of itself was nice not to have to do!)  Once I got it, I wore my normal tampon and instead of having to wear a pad for back up as well when we went out of the house, I just put on these underwear.  I did that for the first 3 days as they are my heaviest.  The last few days of my period, I wore only the underwear without any tampons or pads.  And you know what?  NO LEAKS, guys!  None.  I was nervous to begin with, checking occasionally to make sure there were no embarrassments waiting to happen.

  I was out all day and didn't have to worry about running to the bathroom to change every couple of hours.  Even when I could tell I needed to, I was busy outside at a park with my son and I was so glad we didn't have to stop, hunt down a gross outside bathroom, and stop playing.  The underwear worked great!

To me, this means not having to use tampons so often.  There are so many chemicals in our feminine hygiene products and wearing them all the time really isn't good for our bodies.  Some experts say the chemicals that are in our products, makes us bleed longer and heavier.  So, I'm currently testing this out.  If these magic underwear can make my period shorter, less heavy and less intense????  This will be extra amazing.  This was only my first month using them, so we'll see over the next couple of months if this theory pans out.  UPDATE- (1/2019) Ok, this is 3 years later and I am STILL using THINX.  They are amazing and I can't believe I used to have to live without them.  It really makes everything so much easier.  When I'm at work (I'm a massage therapist- I can't stop mid massage to use the bathroom!), when I'm traveling...we like to be out all day, sometimes bathrooms can't be found when you need them...no problem any more.  I've never had a leak...in 3 years!!  The underwear lasts a long time.  I still have my first pair (and about 4 others).  I even throw them in the dryer even though it's not recommended...they've been fine. As far as if my period is lighter now?  It might be!  I was reading through this article and read that I use to have 3 really heavy days...that's down to 2 or even 1 now.  And it is shorter!  I have no idea if it has anything to do with the underwear and wearing less tampons....but that's my experience!  I still use the underwear as backup with a tampon and the underwear alone on really light days.

To answer another question I'm sure you're wondering: "Wait, bleeding into underwear...isn't that kind of gross to wear?"  No, not really.  They are "moisture wicking" (so, you feel dry) and anti microbial (kills bacteria).  All of the blood gets sucked into an inner liner- the layer that is next to the skin feels dry.  So it doesn't feel like you're wearing a diaper or sitting in a puddle.  If you are trying these without a tampon and you get blood clots....those will stay on the top layer( like what happens with pads) and you just use some toilet paper to clear that off.

So, how do you clean these things??  You rinse them in the sink first (so they don't get blood all over your other clothes that need washing), then put them in the washing machine (cold water, no fabric softeners) and let them air dry (which actually happens quite quickly).

So ideally, you will be able to order a couple pairs.  I just bought the one pair to start out with as they're a bit pricey ( about $25-$38) and I wanted to see if they worked first.  I bit the bullet and bought a pair since I figured if these really do work.....I spend that amount of money on tampons in no time.  So, I started with the one pair that would benefit me most.  The most absorbent one.

 If you want to try a pair yourself, you can get $10 off by using this link.   If you do, it will also give me $10 off my next pair (so I thank you in advance, because I really want like 5 more pair at least, lol).  Oh, and P.S.-- I ordered my normal size as I would with any underwear and it worked out great.  Before, there was word on the street that you needed to size up...but they fixed that issue and the website says you can now order your normal size.  Mine fit perfectly ordering my regular size.

Have you already tried them?  What's been your experience?

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