Our Night At Medieval Times- Orlando

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Medieval Times- Orlando Castle

If you've never been to Medieval Times before, it's basically a dinner theater show that takes you back into time where you sit in a big "arena" and watch an action packed story filled with Kings, Princesses, Horses, and rowdy competition.  It's fun for the whole family as you get to cheer for your "color" knight in each of the competitions. 

We've been lucky enough to see this type of show in a few different locations, but this was our first time seeing it in Orlando.  Tip:  Sign up for their newsletter because they run a lot of specials for discounted tickets!  (Plus, you or your kids get a free ticket for your birthday!)

This is what you see walking up to the show:


You get to go in a REAL (looking) castle!!!  If that's not a great way to start the night and ignite your imaginations then I don't know what is ;)

After you purchase or pick up your tickets, they hand you each a colored crown to wear.  This is important to take note of because that is the color of the knight that you will be cheering for!

You make your way through to an area where they offer to take your picture.   If you like it, you can purchase it at the end of the evening, but you certainly don't have to.  Then, you can walk through and see all of the goodies that they have for sale.  There were flags to wave to cheer on your knight (pic at the bottom), light up swords, crowns, a bar for the adults, etc.

Our favorite part about this area was the ceiling...there were so many interesting paintings on it that we were all walking around with our heads to the sky for a while, lol.

Another thing that we liked about the Orlando location, was that it had the Medieval Village.  This is where you can walk through the "streets" and come across a museum type of experience featuring how things during the Medieval Time period. 

One area of the museum is filled with bedroom furniture, while another shows off kitchen supplies to see what people may have used and slept on back then- among other things.  The highlight for us (my husband and I anyways...luckily most of the next part went over my son's head.) was the Medieval Torture Room.  It showed all of the different devices that they used to use to torture "criminals".  Besides the actual replicas, there were signs (and pictures) explaining how each torture device was used.  It was all really interesting- and made me happy that I didn't live back then, lol.  One in particular looked especially gruesome... 

 I'll just leave this here:

Yes....that's a saw..."there"....owww!

After we looked around the Village, we went back inside and waited for the show to start.  Soon, they were calling our color (Yellow) and we were told what area to sit in.  We were excited when they directed us to front row seats!  We found ourselves seated off to the side of the arena, rather than in the middle, but it didn't dampen the experience.  So, don't feel like you have to sit in the middle to see everything.  We were all able to see the show just fine.

Here, you can see the stadium seating separated by color...and our view being all the way on the side.

When you sit down in your seat, it's already set for dinner, including a menu with the evenings offerings on the plate.  

This show is such a good deal, because not only do you get your nightly entertainment, but you also get a TON of food for dinner.  You will not leave there hungry!

 Here's the menu:

They started with the tomato soup, which was pretty yummy along with some bread.  Next they came out with the HUGE portions of chicken, followed by some potato, and corn on the cob.  The chicken was delicious, as was the corn.  After all of that food, they bring out an apple turnover for dessert!  The only downfall is that the drink options are slim.  Pepsi, Sprite, or Water were the only options.  Coffee with dessert.  We aren't really soda drinkers, so we had water, which was fine.  Oh!  And if you've never been to this type of show, you'll find that they for everyone to eat their dinner how people used to do it as well....with your hands!  Yup, no silverware here!  I did sneak in a plastic fork and knife for my son's food though....he told me he wasn't down with the whole eating with his hands thing.  (Plus, he was having loose tooth issues and it was much easier for me to cut his food instead of him having to bite it).

The show starts while you are eating dinner.  There is a story line about fighting to win the princess' heart.  Then, all of the different knights come riding out on their horses and take turns trying their hand at events like jousting, getting closest to a target, collecting rings on poles, and fighting each other.  There was a lot of action to keep everyone  entertained.  My son was so excited to cheer on his knight, and our yellow knight ended up winning!  I'm not sure if they switch it up so a different color wins on different evenings, but I would have to think they would, right?

There was another part in the show where they did falconry, which was really cool. The Falcon flies all across the arena and back to the handler.  There is even a part where it flies just over your heads!  

My 6 year old had the best time and still talks about it today.  So, if you have kids that like castles, princesses, knights, animals, or action....you can bet they will enjoy the show....and so will you!

Go Yellow Knight!  We bought this flag for $5.  There were also other options in the color of your knight for $2.

For other fun and unique things to do in Orlando, check out this post!

*Medieval Times Orlando did provide us with tickets in exchange for an honest review of our experience there*

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